Thursday, May 31, 2018

Empowr Coin - EMPR Coin How to buy Empowr coin and its Targets & Entry

Empowr Coins- How to buy Empowr coins EMPR Hi Readers, Its quite a while since I'd updated the blog but still its was good month for our gains as usd/cad & gbp/jpy were the winners with 15 times risk rewards and total of over 360 pips in total gains.

Now, As we move forward, I would like to discuss you about the cryptocurrencies and altcoins. As, you all know lot of ICOs are gaining popularity these days (with most of them fail to meet the expectations), and everyone of us must have atleast 5% of our overall portfolio filled up with crypto assets. When speaking of cryptocurrencies its never always about Bitcoin,Ethereum, Litecoin etc. but other assets that are not part of any exchangeable units such as ERC20 tokens or altcoins.

I've one opportunity in the sight which has excelllent potential and future as compared to any other currencies or crypto assets. Its name is EMPRcoin or Empowr Coin. To make it easier to understand,Empowr is the inventor of virtual currencies way back a couple of decades when there was no paypal, libertyexchange, perfect money etc.

As you know most of these Electronic payment system stores virtual currencies in a fiat way but crypto wallets use to store relative assets in a centralized way and that is how EMPR is different from them all. As you can store you EMPR coin in and use it in their own ecosystems to shop millions of products or even use it on the site to get high returns (by buying mission Roles).

Simply follow the steps to buy empowr coins.
Go to
You will se a signup link on the homepage and click it to signup.
Fill in your mobile details and email and complete the necessities that system asks for. Just verify you email & Login to the platform.

Just click the scrolling window where price of the coins and no. of coins sold is mention. When you click that window you will see the price of the coin which is $1.07 & I would like to remind you that Initial price of the coin was $0.26 which was way back in Mid-April and any buys there would have easily fetch you over 4 Times return. Nothing to worry as my Target for the coin is way above $12 in the next six months.

You just need to fill in the amount you like to spend as $100 and you will get no. of coins divided by price of the coin. But wait a moment, for a limited period you can get 1 free coin for every coin you buy means if you buy 100 coins, then you will get 100 addition coins for free, but as a remind I'd like to tell that those 100 coins will be founder coins and subject to realization of 1% per month.

Simply follow this life time opportunity and buy Empowr coins, to stay ahead of the market, and if you are long term investor then I would recommend you just HODL, and you will see that coin break the records and reach $200 by June 2019, i.e within 1 year from now.

Follow the steps as I mentioned above and enter the no. of coins, and as your spendin is $100 then you will probably get 95 coins (plus bonus coins), and you will be prompted to procceed and send $100 by debit credit card, Paypa, Ethereum or Bitcoin. E.g if you select Ethereum then you will be given an address in which you need to send $100 and once you send $100 dollars, you'll get you 95 coins in that ethereum wallet from where you send that coins.

Make sure you add your Ethereum wallet address to the Empowr site. Follow the steps as they mentioned in order in the screenshot below.

Just click the arrow on the right side of the corner, and select settings & then on the following page, click 'Edit Account Info', then simply find out the box where you can enter your Ethereum wallet address. ( I would recommend you to use the same wallet where you suppose to Transfer Funds to buy EMPR Coins as it make it easier to receive coins)

So Don't wait and get what is on the table and make sure you do it as quickly as possible as this opportunity of the bonus is available for a limited time only.
Stay tuned for next blog post soon For trade Recommendations.

Update on Empowr coin As of June 13th 2018.

Lets do a bit of update on Empowr Coin. As of writing, Price has climbed to as high as 1.25, which is exactly 25% more than it was previously. I would still recommend to consider having Empowr Coin in your portfolio and enjoy high return with no risk.

As I mention in my previous article, that this coin has not fall even 5% since its launched at $0.26 on April 20, and from there we have witness only upside pressure and this is going to continue for next quarter, months and years. There is no coin like Empowr in the world as its Market Capitalization has reached upto $800 Million which is 30th Amongst all other coin & It would rise to no.3 position, after Bitcoin & Ethereum in 6 to 8 months and in 12 months, it will surpass Bitcoin in overall Market Capitalization and its prize would reach atleast $500, so at $1.25 its just like betting and risking too low, which states that any 50 coins you have right now would fetch you $25,000 in a year time from now.

Just Signup at

IF you want, then you can simply schedule an appointment with one of the representator or simply signup & click Buy 1 Get 1 Option, and send payment to the address they ask you to after selecting the number of coins and if you need any other help then don't forget to leave any comment here in comments section below.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Gold Futures Pending Sell limit 1315.40 Stops around 1321

Trade Gold Futures Gold Futures has been rising quitely from the bottom but bears are still looking to attack 1250 area ahead of 1310 area which is a good location to short.

As you look at the chart there is strong Rally Base drop and if you look past history you probably will find clues of the distinct price location where price change direction several times and this time this is going to be strong enough to rally ahead of the weekend.
Stops should be tight and as adviced.
Sell limit around 1315.40
Stops around 1321
Target 1st recent lows around 1273
Target second 1253

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Usdcad pending sell around 1.2910 Technical Analysis

Forex Price Action Supply and demand Analysis Price has managed to breach the crucial demand level 1.2810. We can see retest with compression on h4 time frames,but I am somewhat sure that target is not yet reached.
We should watch & wait a retest of the level 1.2915.
Take a look at the chart of USD/CAD below.

So, Trade entry would go this way.
Usd/cad pending sell stop around 1.2915
Stops @ 1.2936
Target 1st 1.2710
Second 1.2630
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Update of the Trade on 17th May 2018
Trade closed all the orders around 1.2740
Note :-Weekend trading are not preferred

Loonie Chart for the reference

Friday, March 30, 2018

Price Action zones trading with gbpusd daily chart

Trade forex for a living with supply and demand Hi Readers !
Welcome to the blog . Its quite a while since I posted any chart but that due to my busy schedule. Opportunity is on the chart with a 7 times Risk Reward. Please do apply proper risk management with the trade as this level is clear seperator between bulls and bears.

Pair Gbp/usd
Entry point at 1.3847
stops around 1.3825
Target flat 1.4000

Saturday, February 03, 2018

How to trade like banks and institutions & make a living trading forex

Banks and institutions forex trading I've added best of the videos from you tube to clear the doubts and approach on how to trade like banks & financial institutions.

Price action analysis of canadian dollar against us dollar

Usd/cad approaching crucial area of 1.2600. I would like to see the reaction as this area had strong pushes up and down on weekly and looking at h4 reaction has already started & approach to area can result in strong sell-off.

Sell usd/cad pending sell @1.2600
Stop @ 1.2635
Target 1.2480

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Price Action analysis of eurdollar Forex Technical update

Hi Readers,
Euro has managed to hold the area above 1.2450 & looking good to test another crucial resistance and psychological level around 1.2600
For price action traders it is quite necessary to look for reward to risk & price is reacting to previous highs but as we are approaching NFP today, I am expecting and going with the recent approach to high.
You can wait for the release of Non-Farm payroll or you can take small risk but make sure that you protect your entry with protective stops.
Buy Euro/usd 1.2480
Stop 1.2435
Target 1st 1.2580
Second 1.2650

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pound trade offered good risk reward l closed all at 1.3980

Forex Risk Reward </head> Hi Readers,

Usd/canadian dollar trade is still looking for a direction and tested 1.2430 area twice and made a high of 1.2490 but I would like to remind you about the last trade of Gbp/usd where I went long around 1.3810 area & took first profit around 1.3888 where I closed half & now I am closing all the positions around 1.3970.

Take a look at the post here Gbp/usd long trade

Total profit of 170 pips with a 35 pips stop is good enough trade specially when lot happening around at the start of new year.

Moving ahead for next trade of gbp/chf

I have posted chart of gbp/chf for your reference and recent rally looking good as it is carrying momentun but has not really went in complete control due to weakness of usd/chf.

I will post an update soon if price start reacting at 1.3310-40 area.

Empowr Coin - EMPR Coin How to buy Empowr coin and its Targets & Entry

Empowr Coins- How to buy Empowr coins EMPR Hi Readers, Its quite a while since I'd updated the blog but still its was good month...